DescriptionThe Logiq 3 is designed for office-based practices and comes in a small package but can do everything from basic cardiac to OB/GYN. Like others in the Logiq series, it is ergonomically designed to help avoid repetitive stress injuries common with older ultrasounds and poorly designed user interfaces and transducers. It’s fully digital and is a very good, inexpensive choice for those needing Color Doppler and mobility. The Logiq 3 is small enough to fit comfortably in most private offices and doesn’t generate as much heat as the larger systems that provide similar image quality. We’ve had very good success with this system for its stability and solid image quality.
Features15-inch tilt & swivel non-interlaced high resolution monitor

Ergonomic user interface, probes, and full-featured keyboard

Designed for single-hand operation

19.7″ wide x 37″ deep

Designed for easy mobility for room-to-room

Virtual convex for increased view on linear transducers

Automatic Tissue Optmization

On-Board storage management

DICOM Compatible (as option)

RAW Data in stored images (ability for image manipulation post-exam)

Cine Review

5C 3-7 MHz Convex for OB/GYN, Urology
3.5C 2-5 MHz 68mm Convex for Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology, Vascular
3C 2.1-5.7 MHz 58mm Convex for Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology
8C 4-11 MHz Convex for Pediatric and Neonatal
E8C 4-10 MHz Convex for OB/GYN, Urology, Endocavity
8L 6-10 MHz Linear for Vascular, Small Parts, Neonatal, Pediatrics
10LB 5-10 MHz Linear for Vascular, Small Parts, Neonatal, Pediatrics
10L 4-10 MHz Linear for Vascular, Small Parts
12L 5-13MHz Linear for Vascular, Small Parts, Neonatal, Pediatrics
3S 1.5-3.5 MHz Sector for Cardiac, Transcranial, Abdominal
7S 3-8 MHz Sector for Vascular, Small Parts, Neonatal, Pediatrics
BE9C 4-11 MHz Transrectal for Urology

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